DietMatch™ Find the diet that suits your personality.

DietMatch™ helps people wanting to lose weight find a diet that matches their personality.

All diets work on the premise of reducing the amount of energy going into the body as opposed to the amount of energy the body spends. It really is simple maths. If the body spends more energy than it consumes it needs to find an additional source to fund the energy spent…enter stored body fat.

At DietMatch we believe nearly all diets will work. They are all based on the energy in ( as well as good food types )verses energy out model. It is that simple. However what differenciates each diet is the way the diet is done. Some diets are quite easy to follow and easy to do , where others at the other end of the spectrum are brutal.

DietMatch wants to reduce some of the confusion for you about what diet to do. We believe in finding the diet that best suits your personality. Organisational skills, types of food, eating habits, even likes and dislikes  should all be taken into account when choosing a diet. If you choose a diet you don’t like you will most likely not complete it.

This is where the DietoMeter comes into play. It will direct you to the type of diet that best suits you. Dont be shy. Take the DietoMeter test. Hopefully our unique testing can help you make a decision on what diet best suits you. We all want the same thing, to lose weight. Its just about finding the best way for you.